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Who love simplicity
Find clarity
And solve problems

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Finding Elegant Solutions, Faster


Our Elegant Solutions are arrived at using the SprintTank process. We apply design thinking methodology combined with practical applications of neuroscience to arrive at elegant solutions, faster.

Sprints are full or half day workshops tailored to your business challenge.

With Fromm and the right people in the room, we can (together) frame the challenge, find the opportunity, develop an elegant solution and have the concept ready to test in days rather than months.

The process prevents the normal leaping and fixation that normally occurs in brainstorms. And with everyone in the room, all perspectives are considered.

We design the recipe of the sprint to the nature of the challenge, with sprint formats for:

  • Creative
  • Launch strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Social media strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Social media purpose
  • Purpose strategy
  • Change strategy

Facilitating Purpose Built Solutions


CoCircle is how we deliver our Purpose Built Solutions. 

We recruit a team of specialists who are ideally suited to client requirements (Ocean’s Eleven style) and deliver the work using CoCircle’s agile tools and platforms.

We curate a core team to ensure consistency and deep brand knowledge. This team then works together as a collective that has been purpose built, specific to each client's needs (unlike the agency model, that forces the client’s business in to the agency’s predetermined team).

This approach keeps overheads low and ensures each and every execution is optimised. Your solution is executed by experts, specifically chosen as the best in the business for your particular brief.

Additional specialists are brought on board as and when needed.

CoCircle allows us to be agile in a way that agencies and most marketing teams simply can’t be.

CoCircle Services

  • Growth Hacking
  • PR 
  • Social Media
  • Content Development and Creation
  • Content Marketing and Distribution 
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Website and App Development
  • More to come...

About Us

Matt Kendall

Founder & Director

An award winning communications strategist with over 20 years of industry experience, Matt Kendall is a future-chasing boundary rider. He thrives on finding new ways of working and exploring new territories for his clients.

He’s traversed disciplines and countries, in some of the world’s most influential agencies – One Green Bean, Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, Holler and Saatchi & Saatchi – and most recognisable brands – Nike, Toyota, CommBank, Virgin Mobile. 

Head of Digital Strategy at Australia's most awarded PR agency for six and a half years, Matt created one of the largest and most effective social and content teams in the country, and developed and launched influencer co-creation platform, CoMaker.

Founder and director of Fromm and CoCircle, he believes that a co-operative model of distributed and autonomous specialists can accelerate brands, finding elegant, practical solutions to business challenges that can be executed quickly and effectively.

Katie Graham


Katie Graham is an experienced strategic thinker with a knack for getting to the guts of a communications challenge and identifying the right opportunities for brands. 

With 14+ years of cross-channel experience both client and agency side, 6 of those with Australia’s most awarded PR and social media agency, she has a proven track record of developing effective insight-driven campaigns.

A curious communicator who always asks why, Katie left the security of 9-to-5 to explore a better way of working for the benefit of brands and the wellbeing of herself and fellow freelancers. 

She is now the CoFounder of Fromm and CoCircle, a freelance strategist, budding food content creator and yoga teacher, all of which she does from her home base of Byron Bay, in Northern New South Wales.